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trouble to upload a video to youtube.

I m using a trial version. I  m trying to upload videoscribe to youtube. I got a code which is to be pasted in the application. But i didn't understand where to paste it to upload

Hi Rahul,

The message you're referring to is something that VideoScribe will do automatically, you do not need to do anything with it yourself.

What should happen is that message should pop up then you should be taken back to the VideoScribe application to resume the upload.

If this does not happen, can you try the following process?


1. Rename and save your scribe project.

2. Close and open VideoScribe again.

3. Open the project you renamed and try to publish it to Youtube.


Can you confirm if you still get the same error or if it is working okay now or do you now get another error?

I have had exactly the same problem.

I have re-saved to a different name and restarted three times and I still get the code to paste.

If this isn't sorted I will definitely not be buying this application.


If you have tried the suggestions here and you are still having issues please open a support ticket and we can look into it for you.

Having trouble up loading on trial version to both youtube and facebook.  If ya want ppl to upgrade, this process needs to be smoother. 

Also why is there no simple draw tool in video scribe???  I am really surprised a drawing/animation tool doesn't even have a basic vector based or any kind of drawing component.  WIll this be added in future versions??? Relying in clip art means kitsch results - artist want to create new...  A drawing tool within video-scribe would save huge amounts of time not having to use illustrator or other vector based software

You should be able to export to YouTube or Facebook without an issue on the Free Trial. I will post some useful links below on how to do these things so you can check against what you have done. Also some common issues and fixes.

How to share your scribe - video

Common issues with YouTube

Common issues with Facebook

Also please bear in mind that the upload is a 3 stage process, first you sign in, then video is made and finally your video is uploaded. If you press the X at any point this will cancel the upload. You will see a "Congratulations, your video has been uploaded" when it's uploaded. Only click the ticks, if you click a X it stops the process.

If you are still having problems after that it would be useful to know at which stage the process is failing? Are you getting as far as putting your YouTube/Facebook password in? Is it failing before that and at the same point each time? If that's the case which element is on screen at that point as it is likely that there is a problem with that element.

As for the drawing functionality it's a good idea and certainly something were considering but it's not really been raised in the Ideas and Feature Requests forum by anyone before. May be worth raising and if it proves popular it could be included in the future or even developed and released as a separate application to work alongside VideoScribe.

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