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VideoScribe.msi problems

 Downloaded the new VideoScribe.msi file but when double clicked, nothing happens. It's like the Monty Python Parrot Sketch, This download is dead, curled up it's tootsies and gone to meet it's maker. Nothing, Just sits there on the screen...

Running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2...

Have restarted machine. There's about 15Gb spare on the HD.

Any ideas?

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Oh, just to add, that I've clicked on a few other msi files in the downloads, and they all proceed to open the next Windows Box 'Security Warning - Do you want to run this file', but the VideoScribe one absolutely Zilch. Have downloaded it a few times, and restarted the PC, all with nil effect.


I can't import your downloaded Christmas templates.


Make sure you are logged in as an administrator and make sure your security settings are not blocking all software installs.

You could try rebooting in safe mode and trying to install.

If you are on a school or work computer you may have to consult your system administrator.

You could also try this microsoft download:

related thread:

you may want to make your own thread and describe the problem in more detail.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



You can also try using Microsoft FixIt to install the application. A small number of Vista users have had this issue and have been successfully able to install the software using the FixIt application.

Thanks for your suggestions. I've found the problem.

For some reason, this download was been blocked for security reasons. When I right clicked on the download, and selected 'properties' there was a security message about it 'might be blocked for security reasons because it came from another computer' (see attachment image) I clicked on UNBLOCK, the entire message disappeared and now it's worked fine.
I did then encounter a problem about not being able to get mast the password stage, but that was the security thing with IE, which is already mentioned in these pages.


 video scrbe

Gimana ya cara gunakan aplikasi videoscribe,saya sama sekali gak ngerti

If you are asking for tutorials and guides, they are on the instant answers page.

If you are asking about android devices, you cannot use videoscribe on android devices right now. It is only available for Mac and PC and iphone and ipads right now. I think the Storypix app is available for android devices though. sparkol-launch-storypix/

If you have a more specific question, please provide a better description of the problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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