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Using Illustrator and compound shapes to make SVG Images

I'm trying to create multiple images in Illustrator which are not readily availble elsewhere. For example, I need to create a basic representation of a boiler feed pump for a nuclear power station, using compound shapes like cylinders, ovals, and line segments. When I import them into VideoScribe, they either don't draw or draw in wireframe.


Any suggestions?

shapes made with the ellipse tool, rectangle tool and line tool do not work as well as those made using the pen or pencil tool. Tip: With the pen tool, make sure to click and drag when making each point in the drawing so that every node has control handles which will make it draw more smoothly.

Also, upload the SVG files if you want specific feedback.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


Does it help/hurt to flatten the image or to rasterize it before creating the SVG?

if your SVG is properly made, flattening/ rasterizing will completely defeat the purpose of making an SVG and may actually increase the file size.

If your SVG is not properly made... flattening/rasterizing it will just make it different but still not a proper SVG. It might as well be a JPG or PNG.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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