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Fix the problem with word spacing

With most non-default fonts the space between words is too tight, so that one must remember to hit the space bar twice between every word. This is a struggle to remember to do that after using one space for so many years. This MUST be addressed but so far seems to have been ignored  by Sparkol staff. Please fix this.

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A great suggestion. I think this will make the work experience much smoother for many users.


Couldn't agree more. This one caught me out and I had to find a way to do this being brand new.

This is a right pain and cannot understand why it wasn't a feature when videoscribe was first designed. This makes one hell of a lot of work wgen someone wants a text style scribe.
Why dont other users raise this I cannot understand.
Thank god word processors have not got this problem, maybe videosribe should take note of that fact.
For support just to shrug their shoulders and say no one has requested this does not make it right as not all improvements have come from its members - I guarantee !
Support needs to adopt the proactive style with this and not be like the government by fudging it !


(suggestions get more attention if users "LIKE" the suggestion at the bottom of the original post)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I agree -  word processing systems, use letter, word and line spacing to improve readability, and it varies by font. Scribble, for example, requires a lot of letter kerning to close it up, whereas other fonts have to spaced, A separate control  for letter, word, and line spacing makes sense. I'm not sure about paragraph spacing control, because I would likely just create another text block for that, and animate it as a separate element.   


Given that this is essentially a text animation tool,greater control is required if we are going to produce effective communications with this tool. This one shouldn't require a crowd sourced's fundamental to it's nature.   

Hi Matthew and others.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

You suggestions about more control over how fonts and text are displayed are currently with our development team.

Two years later, and still no fix. Look, most of us don't need to have a lot of control over how fonts and text are displayed. Just make the gap between words in your basic font a little greater. You have to agree that in its current form, it's extremely difficult to read.  If you just fixed that one issue on that single font, half the complaints would vanish.  Hit the space bar repeatedly between each word? Are you kidding? You're losing customers over this minor fix...


I agree. It would be a great move to just double or triple the width of the spacebar character if such a thing can be done before the long awaited text revamp.  Just doing it for the BASIC font would be good. If you can programatically do it for all fonts, it would be even better.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Everyone, 

We've been working on a major update to text and fonts over recent months and are getting close resolving this issue! 

As this is a significant change and a long standing request we want to be sure we are doing things right. We're looking for a small group of beta testers to put the new version to the test. You will be asked to provide us feedback so we can ensure it works well before we release it formally to the whole community. 

Does this sounds like something you would be interested in? If so, please email telling us why you want be involved and we'll pick a few lucky people from the applicants we receive.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

We've released v3.6 of VideoScribe this morning which has some big changes to fonts and text, including kerning. 

Find out more about what's included and also how to upgrade to this version via the v3.6 release notes.

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