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Possible ways of using the canvas

The idea of a canvas that can stretch endlessly in any direction, on which the camera can move, takes a bit of getting used to, but is a very interesting and powerful feature in Videoscribe, 

What techniques in the use of the Videoscribe canvas and camera moves are recommended for maximum impact in storytelling? Leaving a corner of the previous element showing when shifting the camera view to the next element is one possibility, as this suggests an ongoing storyline and is a reminder of the previous point. 

I'm very interested in hearing some possible approaches from both Videoscribe staff as well as other users, and the types of scripts or messages that might be best suited for each approach...

Late reply...

It's all about the story. If you are continuing the story told earlier on the canvas, then consider:

  • Scrolling sideways and leaving part of the previous image(s) visible
  • Zooming into or out of the first image(s) to continue
Zooming can also help communicate that you are elaborating on the previous point. 

If you are starting a new point, or talking about the solution after describing the problem, then moving to a blank part of the canvas may communicate better.

I often sketch things on paper, to try to find the ultimate way of making the point, before launching VideoScribe.

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