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Background texture shows through on imported images.

This seems to be a frustration experienced by several other users. Having the background texture show through an imported JPG is very annoying and I can't understand why this would be considered a desirable 'feature'. Importing a screen capture of a website for example will make the paper grain background show through on the white elements of the imported picture. This looks terrible.

Hi Mitchell, thanks for your feedback.

The texture represents the texture of the canvas so anything added to it will also have the same texture.

What you could do is create your scribe and then use your own Background by importing the desired image background, ensuring it covers all of your images.

You can then set the Animate, Pause and Transition times to 0 and move then set this image as the first element in the timeline.

Hello Joe,

I am sorry, I didn't get that part about the background that needs to be imported... I just need to put a picture without any grey background, so that we still see the canevas around it. Could you explain me ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi there Anaïs,

This question is about the text of the canvas which will also become the texture of an item that you add to the canvas.

Mitchell previously asked if he could just have a texture on a background and not on the items he was adding.

I advised this is possible if you have a textured image that you can import in and use as the background (by stretching it over the canvas area you have used.

If you you then move this item to the beginning of the timeline and and set all the timings to 0 this will give you the desired background.

Hello Joe, thank you for this clarification.

And thank you for your time !

Hi Joe, thanks for sharing your workaround.
The default background behaviour is perfect if images are drawn. In this case it gives a realistic touch to see the texture of the canvas. But it doesn't seem natural, if images are moved in and should lay on top of the canvas.
Unfortunately we have a combination of drawing and moving in our scribe so your workaround does not fit. The best solution would be a checkbox in the object properties to define if the background shows through or not. Maybe this can be implemented in a future VideoScribe release.
Do you have any idea to achieve our requirement until then?


Hi,whenever I import image from google and try to add to video scribe ,videoscribe after converting it into line drawing gives that image with grey background which never disappear even i try to change its background by going into properties. .so ,how to change the colour of the background of imported image?its really teasing me a lot .

Hi Yalay,

Would you be able to attach here a copy of the image you are importing so I can take a look?

check the attached file

Thanks for the screenshot, I can see now what you mean. Are you able to attach the image that you are importing to your reply so I can take a look?

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