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Reverse color for objects after black background!

 I chose a black background and now a 'frame' [object] is drawn is in black so you don't see it.until the end.. I added glow (10) and at the end of draiwing it appears.. but not good enough. How do we reverse the drawing to do it in white while it is drawing..?

Could there be a button you could click on that when you make the background black all the objects reverse to white?

1) for some SVG images, I think you can open the image properties menu and change the drawing mode to silhouette" (formerly called "solid") or "outline" and then change the color by clicking the color square in the lower right corner of the preview window.
2) you can right-click a library image on your canvas and export it as an SVG then edit it in inkscape to change stroke or fill colors. (this requires you to learn a bit about using inkscape which is free at

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Hope that helps,
Mike(videoscribe user)


1. Great I dea - will try.

2. Never heard of Inkscape - will check it out.


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