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Text Resolution

I was excited when VideoScribe 2 was released, especially with the new ability to import your own fonts. However, due to the "fuzzy-looking" quality of the text, I'm going back to using a previous version of VideoScribe and importing .SVG files of my fonts. This is more time consuming, but I'm producing high-quality whiteboard videos for my clients and cannot include low-resolution text.

I suggest that in future versions of VideoScribe (or provide an update ASAP!) that we can control the resolution of fonts just as we can control the resolution of our images.

Hi Tanya, thanks for your suggestion.

Currently the way Text is added to the canvas is in Bitmap format meaning there will be pixels, the closer up the text, the more visible they will be.

The font in version 1 was much much lower than version 2. It may be the case that you have fonts from version 1 installed. 

I would delete them and install them again if this is the case as if they were imported in version, they will be at that lower resolution.

Try importing a font in version 2 now to compare.

The higher the resolution the more memory resources VideoScribe will use adding them on (imagine Each letter or character being a high resolution image so the more characters you add the more memory is needed).

To get a feature like you are suggesting would require a different system to add text to the canvas which is definitely something we are considering.

It would be great to be able to increase the quality of the text although it would make more sense just having the text at the highest possible quality.

It is why your SVG character look at a higher resolution.

I have come across an extension for InkScape called Hershey which create Text as SVG's.

You do need to fiddle with it a bit (Set the Stroke, possibly smooth/simplify the paths too, set the width) and it is limited 

in characters and languages but might be useful to you in the short term.

It is also a suggestion I have sent to our development team to see if VideoScribe could do something similar and better in the future too.

In the short term I would suggest creating the SVG's for text if you need them at a higher resolution.

I have attached a video showing the Hershey files in action.


Is there any equivalent of Hersher for Illustrator ?

Thank you 

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