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text not working

Hi I downloaded a trial version and the text feature is not working.

On twitter they suggested I contact support. Here is the screen shot when I start videoscribe. I have re-downloaded it and it does not make a difference. 

Thanks Michelle 

Hi Michelle,

When VideoScribe first runs after installation it tries to access our server to download fonts and images.

Do you have a good internet connection?

Something on your PC may be blocking access to our server.

Could you try temporarily turning off any Anti-Virus software and any Firewall software and see if VideoScribe will run successfully.

If it does run successfully you will need to add an exception to your Anti-Virus software to allow VideoScribe to access our server.

If you still have a problem then the following link will help Using VideoScribe in an office environment

Please get back to us if you still have an issue

Same problem i am having in windows 8.1 , i do not have anti virus installed , firewall stopped even as well

Hi Adil,

Are you seeing the same message or a different one? If it is different please let us know what it says.

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