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Is possible to import multiple audio tracks in my VideoScribe file?


I'm using a trial version of VideoScribe.

I have the animations done. The voice overs were recorded in different tracks for easy editing. There are 7 audio files.

My first audio file is recorded for 30 seconds. When I import audio file 1 into VideoScribe, it plays fine. From 30 seconds onwards I need the audio from audio file 2 and so on.

When I import audio file 2, audio file 1 gets over written in Video Scribe.

Is there a way to import all of these 7 audio files into VideoScribe and play them sequentially?



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Hi Veena,

you will need to edit the audio tracks together in some kind of audio editing software. Audacity is a good program and it's free.

You can have two audio tracks in VideoScribe - one voiceover and one soundtrack.

Pre-recording a voiceover

Use audio-editing software that will allow you to save in MP3 format. 

Audacity is a popular free program to use. 

You will also need the LAME plugin to save in MP3 format

Decide if you want to use a microphone or your computer’s built-in speaker to make your recording

Use Audacity or other software to record and then edit your voiceover

Save it as an MP3 file

In VideoScribe, select the microphone icon on the canvas

Click the file icon (import button in version 1) and select your file. It will load automatically

To adjust the volume, select the voiceover icon again 

If you are interested in hiring a professional voiceover artist for your scribe, please see the Sparkol Marketplace.


I would like to use multiply music tracks from VideoScribe in my video presentation. I know, it's impossible.

But do you consider one day to create the feature, which enables using of multiple audio tracks in a video, like users are able to use multiply hands types in a video, according to their needs?



Natalie, we have an open request for more audio editing option. Give it a like as the more it gets the quicker it will be considered.

Is so surprising that a simple feature like audio regulation is not added...Looks so limited when otherwise things are so good...Isnt it obvious that a person would not want to run a music from start to end...??

- I want to start a music at 20th second and run it till 25th second...Is that possible? 

- I can't hear the audio track which i want to run before 20th second...What am I doing wrong here?

Can you add your own music to videoscribe? 

yes. you can import mp3 music files into videoscribe.

if you want to make any changes or adjustments to the music or voiceover, you should make them in an audio editing program before importing the file into videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I want to insert an mp3 audio file into a scribe but not at the very beginning. I want the sound file to play at a certain point in the scribe. How do I do that?

Videoscribe currently does not offer a built-in way to delay, or add pauses to audio.

If (for example) you want 5 seconds of silence before your sound starts, then you should use an audio editing program to add 5 seconds of silence to the beginning of your mp3 file.

Audacity is an example of a free audio editing program. you will also need to install the free LAME codec in order to save Mp3s using audacity:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Likewise. I was surprised to find that I although I can add an MP3 audio file to a scribe as music, I cannot place it where it is needed - in this case at the end. I thought it could just be added and placed where needed like a picture file, or written text, not just at the beginning. Great shame! I fear I will not be able to make a good case for Videoscribe with my boss who has an online language school and wants to create a large number of shorts. Please let me know if this facility, or text editing are in the pipeline, as my decision to continue subscribing is in the balance.

I have the same doubts about the subscribtion. Why can't I add .wav files, only MP3? And why can't the sound be added in any moment of the movie and finished when I WANT IT TO FINISH? 

Please, add these functions - as you can see, many people need them. 

Do we have builtin voices like TEXT to Speech?? I want to build in charectors with to speak dialogue

Videoscribe does not include any text to speech or audio editing. Any audio creation or audio editing should be performed in other programs before importing the audio into videoscribe. There are free text to speech applications and websites available on the Internet.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

If we want to make multiple voice recording (by scene as an example), using  Audacity for each small correction, it's not efficient at all...time is money

For me, it's a stopper to purchase the software....

My Best regards

@Pierre- The VideoScribe team will be introducing audio editing to the browser version of VideoScribe in the near future :)

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