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I can't use my PRO trial.

  1. Hi, Videoscribe team! I can,t use my aquision besause my free trial account does not

  • available. What must I do to start using my PRO trial? I,ve paid for two months trial (on 21 t and 24th november 2014. Help me, please.
  •                                                                                        Sergej  Priven


1)  if you have made more than one videoscribe account, be sure you are logging into the upgraded one, and not the other one. Customer support will be able to check your account information and make sure that any payments you have made are applied to the correct account.

2) To check your account status for the account you are currently using on this website, Click YOUR ACCOUNT at the bottom of this page. On the Summary page, click or tap ‘Subscriptions and invoices’. Select the link to your 'BlueSnap control panel' The link will take you to your BlueSnap account – your status will be shown as ‘Active’ if your payment was successful. or that page may provide some other clues about the problem.

Customer support will probably provide you with additional information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Sergey,

I can see that you have more than one VideoScribe account. You have one Pro and one Free account. The email address you have used to post this is attached to the free account.

H1, Matthew!  I have one account:   email - This post box includes (gets letters) from box - When I prodused my accoynt I don't remember wich of them I've used. The next question: how many my computers I can use working with Videoscribe? One more question: help me to know - I sent 29$ on 21.11.2014, the same way that I used 24.11.2014 - with the help of Mastercard through the BlueSnap. And the first paiment have lost. What can I do? Thank you for youirc letter. Best wishes!

I have converted this to a support ticket. Please check your email for further instructions.

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