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Open new scribe without closing the application

I am working on multiple scribes at one time. I don't see a way of closing one, and opening another another, without closing and restarting the application

Saving a scribe only closes the scribe work file and not the whole videoscribe application. How to save scribe work files


However, I do not think you can have two scribes open at the same time if that is what you are asking.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thx Mike ---I guess I didn't explain my problem well.  How can I switch from one project to a other, with closing and having to log in again. I just don;t see the button for doing that. 


The top left icon underneath the videoscribe symbol in this screenshot  (it looks like a "less than" symbol) will close your current scribe and return you to the scribe selection screen.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Now I see obvious now that I see (the mind goes before the eyes)    Many thanks for that...big time saver at the moment. 

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