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problems with audio on exported videos from beta 2.1

 I installed the beta version of VideoScribe yesterday and I am enjoying exploring the new features. I created a new video and exported it in several different formats, and on every one there is intermittent static on the audio track.

The voice over track is a 44.1/16 mop3 and everything sounds great in the Videoscribe software, but no matter how I export it I get static.

Have you run into this on the beta release?

1) can you upload an example to youtube so we can hear what you mean?

2) videoscribe does have an unchangeable "lower" audio quality output. I think there is a suggestion thread for adding audio output settings if you want to "Like" it

3) what video player are you using? If you use a different one or a different computer can you hear a difference? there may be a problem with a third party codec on your computer.


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Here is a version on YouTube. I have never experiences this issue with VideoScribe before upgrading to the beta 2.1 version but I don;t have time to uninstall & reinstall.

I exported the video, and a video without the voice over so I could use the audio track and I combimed all of them in my video editing software and was able to get a clean render. I am uploading that to YouTube now so we can post the ad on Facebook this afternoon. Please let me know what you find so I can figure out if I need to go back to the other version of the software.


Oh yeah I definitely hear the static and I can't tell if it is associated with the voiceover or the music or both.

If you want to determine if the problem is a problem with Beta 2.1 and not just a problem with your audio file or player, I would recommend re-rendering an older scribe and comparing the old and new files .

You could also try saving a copy of the scribe with a new name and rendering the new version.

Support may have other suggestions.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


I tried the new name bit and rendered in several different formats without any luck. I tried to render an old scribe and got the same, static-y results.


My work-around got the video up and serviceable. I'll check back with you on Monday and see if you have any ideas for me on the issue. 

Hi Chris,

this is an issue we are aware of in the Beta version of VideoScribe 2.1. Our developers are working to fix this as soon as possible. Your workaround is a good solution for the time being and another workaround is to remove the voiceover and add it as a sound effect on the first element. The voiceover will play through the scribe as normal and the audio quality will be better.

thanks for the update and the work around. Let me know when the bug gets sorted out. Love the software...


Chris: It happened exactly to me when I was using the beta version (2.1). I reverted back to the 2.0.3 version and the audio still had errors: it would skip during my intro and then throughout the animation it would randomly skip (I uploaded an mp3 to Videoscribe to the music track since the file has a combined music & narrative track).

The work-around suggestion helped (added video and audio separately in iMovie) but wish it was fixed in Videoscribe soon.

Hi Lee, there has been an update to the Beta Version which can be downloaded from Your Account page in the usual way.

Please check the release notes before downloading and installing.

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