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Can't post replies or comments

Since the last videoscribe website update, I have not been able to post comments or replies in the community section  .(I can edit my own opening post but cannot post replies)

Is anyone else unable to post a reply or comment?

Whenever I click the reply box or try to edit an old post, the reply box collapseswith no resize tab, no submit buttons and no other option buttons. This symptom started today for me. I am using firefox 33.1 on windows 8.1

(Also, for about the last week copying and pasting text within the message body of a reply does not work for me)

On the plus side, I like the change to the "cookies" warning at the bottom of the page! Much better than the former "we're putting stuff on your computer and we assume that's okay with you" thing...

Hi Mike,

Apologies that you could not add replies.

We have fixed this issue now and it should be up an running again.

Can you confirm if you have the other issues still?

Do you have Java Script running in your browser and does turning it off make a difference (remember to restart Firefox)? 

Glad you like the cookie changes.

Excellent fix! Replies/comments seem to be working now with no changes on my end.

Copy/paste still does not work for me in the comment body but I will try changing my Java Script setting



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