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How to move on a new picture?

Hi guys,

I am having problems with figuring out how to move on to a new slide, window, picture?

Im on a trial version btw!


Hi Jasmina,

we call it a canvas in VideoScribe and there is one canvas per scribe (but the canvas is very large). To move the canvas just click+hold+drag on a blank part of it and this will reveal a fresh piece of the canvas and you can start adding new elements. I would recommend that you work through the video tutorials as they will give you a good understanding of how VideoScribe works.

Hi! I figured it out last night, silly me.

But I am having problems with saving it with yt or fb.

It's just a long process and then nothing happens. Just freezes. 

Im on Mac and on trial version. Any advices? 

I love Scribe and would love to be a user.

Hi Jasmina,
Often, failure to upload or render a video is the result of excessive memory usage  (videoscribe can only use a maximum of 1.7 GB I believe)

You can save a copy of the scribe (work file) online and tell support the name of it if you want specific feedback. If you wish to troubleshoot the problem yourself, This list of tips may help: Tips to avoid problems with rendering freezing crashing etc.

you can also try making a smaller scribe with just a few elements and uploading it to FB or youtube as a test. (make sure your youtube channel has been verified successfully by email.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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