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Videoscribe on youtube

 hi there,

I have recently downloaded the free trial version of videoscribe and I loved it. I want to use it on my youtube channel and see whether my audience like it too. Can I use the free trial version on my monetized youtube account?

Hi Amitesh,

that is fine to use the video on your monetized YouTube account.

Here is a list of the features of the different licences including a link to the terms and conditions.

It seems nearly impossible for me to upload this to my youtube page, PLEASE HELP! I want to use this as a training aid and I have a meeting on this coming Wed.

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry that you are having this problem. Have you seen our instant answer on trouble shooting uploading to Youtube?

If this doesn't help to resolve the issue for you please raise a support ticket detailing what is happening when you try to upload and we will be able to look into this for you.

I am also having the same problem. It seems as if no one that is using the 7 day trial can upload to Youtube. Yes I have looked at everything that has been posted about uploading, I've changed settings, downloaded new versions, etc! Worst mistake using videoscribe for my final assignment. Someone please do something

Hi Caitlin,

I can see that your video was successfully uploaded to YouTube. Sometimes the processing of the video after it has been uploaded delays the video from being available to be viewed.

Can I monetize videos on youtube if I purchase Videoscribe Pro?

Srđan Momčilović,
Here is a related thread with an answer and a link to the licensing info:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am having the same problem with my assignment.  My video is quite long with lots on information. I've tried three times.  It creates the video = around 20 minutes but at the end of creating the video a blank white screen comes up and I need to use task manager to close the program down.  Any suggestions? Other uploads have worked before so I used it for my major assignment.  

Hi Calb,

Sorry you have this problem.

Are you able to successfully render this scribe as a Powerpoint presentation (one of the publishing options)? Can you try this and advise on the result?

The blank screen you describe should be where a browser loads within VideoScribe allowing you to Log into Youtube.

If this is blank then it would suggest either an issue with the connection, a program or setting preventing the browser to load (e.g. Firewall or Antivirus), or possibly a problem with the browser you're using loading into VideoScribe.

Please let me know how rendering the  Powerpoint presentation goes.

If this is okay then there are a few suggestions before checking out your Anti-virus/firewall settings.

Close VideoScribe

Clear out your recent browser history (please see attached video)

Restart Your computer

Retry publishing to Yoputube

Hi Joe, thanks.  I'll work through that and hopefully succeed.

Hi Joe, Thank you for specific instructions and for the support.  I finally got it to work as a youtube upload by creating a separate channel for the video to upload to.  Great learning experience. Thanks. Calb

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