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Backing track cuts out at end

I had to use 3rd party software to add a backing track because the last ~10 seconds would always cut out. This and other rendering problems have really disappointed me. Out of 5 days making a scribe, 2 were spent just rendering (and by rendering I mean troubleshooting). This is unacceptable--Camtasia saved my project. I look forward to future versions of VideoScribe and intent to keep using the program. Until then, my subscription will be cancelled. 

Without seeing the scribe or a more detailed description, I would have to guess that:

1) the scribe reached the end of the animation so it faded out the music (in which case, just add more pauses after the last element) or
2) you did not set the music to "loop" so the music stopped at the end of the music file (set it to "loop" on the music selection menu) or
3) I think I've read that videos scribe music only loops a certain number of time so you might have to choose a longer music track.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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