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Can i use VideoScribe without downloading it onto my school computer

I would like to know if i use Videoscribe at my University would i have to download the software onto the school computer in order to show my video or will it work without it. My university does not allow their students to download anything from an external source unfortunately. 

Hi Christina,

As a Free trial user you can publish your scribe to Facebook, YouTube and create a Powerpoint file. You will be able to present your scribe by publishing it to one of these platforms.

Rendering a scribe means creating a video out of it. Changing the resolution of your scribe will affect the quality of the finished video.

Pro users can render up to full HD 1920x1080 and choose from Quicktime MOV, Flash FLV, WMV, PNG sequence or JPG sequence.

All users can export directly to YouTube, Facebook and PowerPoint, but only Pro users can render to file. Free trial scribes carry the VideoScribe logo.

How to render your scribe

To render your scribe, select the ‘Publish (render) your scribe video’ icon in the top right of the toolbar and select your options.

In addition to what Matthew wrote:

1) In order to MAKE a scribe, videoscribe will have to be downloaded and installed on SOME computer (or ipad or phone). You can install it on your own personal device (if you have one) instead of a school device.

2) (videoscribes cannot be created directly on the website)

3) If you are a free user, and you want to SHOW your finished video, as Matthew indicated, you will not have to install anything onto a school computer as long as the school computer can display either youtube, powerpoint or facebook.

4) if you are a pro user you can export videos in a variety of formats that can probably be played on a school computer if a video player is already installed.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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