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Slide/scribe show in video scribe

Hi there,

Please can anyone suggest me if I want to have a slide show in video scribe how will that be possible.

My end product is for the online coaching of a subject which generally goes on for an hour.

What I want is that have a running scribe show of at least 15 scribes one after the other. 

Would request if anyone can reply at the earliest as I'm too close to my deadlines.




(you may want to watch the tutorials to learn the basics.)

short explanation:
1) add a new image, place it in a blank spot on the canvas, put the camera where you want it, click "set camera"

2) to make the camera move instantly from one drawing to the next (without a smooth transition) set the transition time to zero.

3) to make images appear instantly instead of being drawn, set the draw time to zero

4)repeat all steps until scribe is finished.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi There,

Please can anyone help in knowing why my video and few others settings are frozen or disoperation.

Please find attached the print  screen.

Thanks in advance

Your screen shot shows the normal look of VideoScribe when no elements are selected. What happens when you try to click on elements on the timeline or on the canvas? Do they get selected? 

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