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PNG Timings

OK I am outputting using PNG images for the first time. The timings are completely different. I am expecting 7 seconds, and getting 11 to 12 seconds. So as a newbie to this, is there something I should know about?

I think if your frame rate is 25 FPS then you get 25 pngs per second of video

If you are importing the frames into another program you need to import them at the same frame rate or the video length will change.

whatever video program you are using... refer to it's help section or web site and look up how to set the import frame rate.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Frame rate is 30. Made Videoscribe do 30. Not sure what else to try.

I use FFMPEG to make the PNG files into an MOV file. Then use in Edius. Do you have a suggestion on something I'm missing here. Everything points to 30. In the command line for FFMPEG I even tell it to do 30.

In FFMPEG, make sure to use -i for your import frame rate AND -r for your export frame rate (I think)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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