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Naming of individual hands and related bug with 2.1 beta


I've just been testing the 2.1 beta and like all the additional hands but with the additions and some I've added previously myself it would be useful if the name of the hand in use was shown somewhere when changing properties or selecting alternatives. I know there are now folders showing a name for that collection but having chosen a hand it's not easy to identify exactly what hand and from what collection that was from. Part of the reason I mention this was also that I tested one of the hands holding a yellow pencil which seems buggy when drawing (jumps out of position) but not easy to report exactly what hand or what collection that's from.


I think it would also be useful if each folder of hands showed an image of that hand style as well as the name on that folder before opening. e.g. to save time opening the wrong folder.

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Hi Ron, thanks for your feedback, it is really helpful.

If you could, please can you raise a support question about the buggy hand?

If you have this hand saved to a Scribe, please save it to your online directory and we can take a look at it.

Hi Joe

I had saved the test file locally but just opened that with the aim of sharing online and the hand is behaving now e.g. I can't replicate the problem. I'm travelling about tomorrow but will be using VideoScribe over the next few days so will report back and raise a ticket and share a file if it happens again and I if can reliably replicate the problem.

Thanks for your help.


I think that they should also leave the hand images in their respective folders rather than pulling them out when it's downloaded/used. Showing the name would definitely help as well since there's no way I can distinguish between Hannah and Rosie's hands from the little preview icons.

Consistency is so important to Videoscribe as a whole in order for it to at least seem like it is actually a person using a whiteboard. What's the point if all of a sudden a hand changes to a different person's hand? The illusion is killed on the spot.

Also, why have a default hand as the "Default Hand" when it doesn't have its own set of pens/pencils/erasers? Sure, you can set the default hand to something else, but why have it as the default in the first place? This is assuming that the hand with the black t-shirt is the default hand...

....but there's no way of knowing without the names of each hand, right?! (Haha...full circle...*sigh*)

I really hope this is fixed before 2.1 officially releases.

Hi Luke, the way the hands are displayed after being used has been the same since Version 1.3.

There are no immediate plans to change this.

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