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Retrieve a deleted scribe


I accidentally deleted the completed project. Is it possible to retrieve the deleted scribe? 

Thanks for your help!

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videoscribe does not have a resource to restore deleted files as far as I know.

1) if your computer has restore points or automatic backup of some sort, you may be able to restore the files.  For example:
recover-lost-or-deleted-files (Windows)
Mac time machine

2) you can save scribes locally, online or exported as standalone files. If you saved your scribe more than one way, it may still exist in one or more location. It may be a good practice to save scribes locally and online if you don't have another form of file backup.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Have been really dissapointed with Video Scribe. It keeps crashing and I lose my work. I was working on a big project and lost everything. 

Generally if you crash, then the next time you start videoscribe, it will ask you if you want to recover the last autosaved version.

Also, here's how to avoid crashes:
Community tips: to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.
Instant answers: crashing-and-freezing-videoscribe-desktop

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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