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Centering Text

The text always aligns left. How can I create centered text?

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I have the same question, and I think I have an idea. I didn't try it yet, because I can't open the software on my computer. I don't know if it'll work. You should try Ctrl+e. On Microsoft Word it work. Like I said, I don't know if it'll work.
Tell me if it worked !
See ya !

P.S.: Sorry for my English, but I'm French :)


If you have more than one line of text in your text element:
1) select the text element
2) click the text properties icon beside the thumbnail image for the text element in the timeline (the icon looks like a sheet of lined paper)
3) in the  middle area of the text properties page is the (unlabeled) text alignment icon (in between the unlabeled opacity setting and the unlabeled rotation setting)
4) the icon looks like three horizontal lines. click it to toggle through the left aligned, center aligned , and right-aligned options.

(if you only have one line of text, the icon will not have any effect.)

Hope that helps,


Ah so simple! Thanks very much for this!

You're very welcome!



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