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Add "default font" to basic preferences

I understand that font handling can cause serious problems in cases of:

1 - Missing font

2 - assigned font does not include the typed character

These issues could be mitigated if we had a "default font" assigned by the user per installation - and a checkbox for "force this font when opening existing projects".

Besides, it's also nice to be able to select a default font.

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This. It would be much more convenient especially for videos with large amount of text.

In my case I use either one or two fonts in a video which is not the default one. It gets a little bit frustrating after changing the font 100th time. Copy pasting a text with same font works as barely, since I'd have to deal with animation timing, another loss of effectivity.

Hopefully one day this idea gets enough attention!

Yes....I agree 1000%

Also Agree 100+%,

As a design tool setting default fonts and even colours is vital to minimise wasting time reselecting over and over agin.

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