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Dedicated Bur-Reporting Mechanism

Is there a dedicated bug-reporting mechanism, or is this forum the correct place to raise such issues?


from the blog:
"Your feedback is really important to help us shape videoscribe2.1 for general release. To have your say, make sure you tick the box to receive emails when you download."

(Then check your email for information about how to provide feedback.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi again
Now that I have installed 2.1 and gotten the email, I see it says to:
1) use the ideas and features section for suggestions
2) chat with customer support to ask questions (a link is provided in the email) and
3) use the praise section for positive feedback.

The email does not seem to specifically mention bug reports. Perhaps support will chime in here (on Monday) to let us know if we should be posting bug threads here or if it is preferable to use the "chat with support" link in the email or just open a new support ticket

(Adding a beta testing feedback section after the praise section would be a terrific way to pool the feedback if it is not against poly to post the beta feedback publicly)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike.

Of course the topic should be be GUG reporting , not BUR reporting.

BUR-It's cold in here, or maybe I saw some nice BURR Walnut in a Jaguar the other day.

I've just spent a lot of my weekend making a video which I need for tomorrow morning at 10:30.

Currently uploading it to YouTube.

Previous upload attempts crashed out, apparently for network reasons.


If you are trying to export directly to youtube, I'd suggest saving the video to your hard drive as an MOV or FLV video,  and then uploading it manually to youtube through your web browser.

Sometimes that can help you complete a video even if there are underlying problems that have not been identified and fixed.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mark, as per Mikes comments.

When you need to report an issue please use the link that advises you to Chat with Customer support on the welcome email you have received.

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