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better hiding of items

It would be much better to be able to hide items collectively or have functions like : Hide from here show after here Etc Hiding with the eye icon is laborious and not sticky so you have to keep doing it. Thx

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This is just what I was wanting to add. I often layer material such as different sentences within the same text box, with a white sheet between each layer. I know we can 'close the eye' on each element, and that is wonderful (thank you), but I would like to be able in a stroke to close ALL eyes to the right of the element I am working on (so that I can see the bit of text that I want to edit without it being covered over). I know that there is an eye icon to the far right that would allow them all to be opened again in a single click.

"Hide from here" would be great - but only as an option. Sometimes I want to hide object 2 to better locate object 1 in relation to object 3. Perhaps some sort of different action could "hide from here"?


Good point. Maybe number of frames to hide?

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