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Inherit camera zoom on insert

 This is something that has been mentioned here in the past - when I insert an SVG object B after an SVG object A, I would like the camera to be inherited from object A.

The reason is workflow is not around objects but around scenes - normally, I load a couple objects, arrange a scene, then load the rest as you would on a theater stage. 

Perhaps zoom defaults could be part of the general prefs.

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If this previous thread describes what you want, you can "LIKE" it to encourage Sparkol to add the feature to a future release:
Set Camera... AUTOMATICALLY upon import (default zoom)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


How do I have to image on the screen for a couple seconds and then pull into it. showing a computer screen in a voiceover is talking for a couple seconds and then I want to go into the computer screen  how do I do that

if you want to have the camera move to a new location without drawing another image then you have to use a dummy image to add a new camera position:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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