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Reload SVG from file (UI request)

I work with custom SVG files. This is my workflow:

1. I create an SVG in an editing applicaSVG tion

2. I load and preview it

3. I re-edit it in the external editing app and save it

4. go to 2

As I preview, the display in front of me allows me to access many previous files I worked with *and found lacking* with a single click - but to reload the exact same file, with the exact same filename, involves a few clicks. 

I wish the preview window would have a "Reload from file" function.

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I 100% agree on this.  The vast majority of my workflow is 'tweaking' the images to get just the look and/or fix I want.  This involves 5 to 6 mouse clicks to reload the same svg file with any new gets very tiring.  Please ad a 'reload file' or something like that to the import phase!

Thanks You!

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