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Add audio tracks to editing timeline

I love the fact that you can add music and voice over separately with the Beta; however, I would love the capability to manipulate the audio tracks once they're imported or added.  Basically, make the timeline mirror more standard video editing programs (Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Camtasia, After Effects, etc., where there are multiple tracks for video and audio).  Then, add functionality on the audio tracks so you can adjust volume, speed, etc. separately from the scribe features.  Increasingly, I find myself creating the video scribe first, then exporting the video and laying in the audio in a separate editing platform (usually Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects) so I can more easily chop and synch up the VO with the video.  I feel like it would make life WAY easier to have the capability to do it all in Sparkol. 

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Please do add this functionality. It will give us more possibilities to explore in terms of creativity and presenting a tight VideoScribe. I'd love to see this function here.

This feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-2510 and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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This request has been going on for an awfully long time, for one that is so basic and popular. Why does it not get the priority it deserves? I'm eager to come back and use this program to create my videos but can't spare the time to do all the work required with the audios. 

C'mon, guys! Let's start the New Year off with a resolution to put this at the top of your list!

I just bought the program on the speculation that it would work for me and I totally agree that you need to create a way to edit the audio files ( voice and music volume up or down )  frame by frame option . Then it would be a Killer scribe program. To have to move it over to another program to do this  makes it much more complex ( and Stressful!!) and less interesting, for those of us who are amateurs .

Please add audio voice over and editing features soonest. Thanks !

I like this idea. A timeline approach to syncing the audio and visuals would make this tool much easier to use. As it is, it's time-consuming to count the seconds and determine in my head how many seconds each elements needs to draw and to pause.

I like this idea, I am also at a point where I am saving my videoscribe and getting a colleague (with better know-how) to add multiple audio files via a different programme. It would be so much better and more efficient if I could do it all on VideoScribe.

With all of the request for this featyre, why have you not at least acknowledged the need and gone to work on it? This is probably the biggest bottleneck to increased use of your product that you have!

You're right we have been a little quiet on this front given the popularity but we have been giving this some thought behind the scenes and we always read and consider your comments so thanks for your continued perseverance and input!

Just to give you an update on our thoughts about this... 

In terms of a complete timeline overhaul we are planning what the next major redesign of the product would look like and this is in our thoughts. However this is very much a long-term plan which is still being formalised rather than something we can give you any reassurances on anytime soon.

As you may have noticed from recent releases in the short-medium term we are trying to focus on incremental improvements as well as making the application and your experience more solid and reliable. With that in mind I would like to try and break the 'total audio domination' this thread has turned into down into chunks that would then become incremental improvements and as such have the potential for a much shorter timeline.

Reading through the forum again there seem to be some key requirements here and I will list them below:

  • Volume Control through the scribe
  • Audio Speed Control
  • Start/Stop multiple tracks at multiple points
  • Edit already recorded voiceovers

Is there anything else I've missed?
Once we have a list everybody is happy with I propose to start a new thread for each where we can discuss what this could look like within the current design of VideoScribe and see which is the most popular/important feature to you guys as well.


yes one thing is missing in the list you highlight. I have already filed an request for that, for details please see topic: "Continue with object when referenced audio has finished". It is necessary to mention it here, because you have to implement the event management in a proper way when you create flexible audio objects.

Suggesting the following

First implementation step:

  • adding audio as object like the other objects are
  • make audio a referencable object (see above)
    (you may have to create a additional reference option in the object types (like morph ...)
  • volume control for this audio object

Step two:
  • all the other things

I would really like to have the option to add scribble sound!!

Basic VO editing (similar to what you get in Articulate Storyline) would be wonderful.

i waitting it!

+1 from me on supporting multiple audio objects that can be placed on the timeline.

I think you could give 95% of us 95% of what we want with a feature that allowed several audio clips. (You can always make it fancier later on). For my part I don't mind fiddling with audio clips in Audacity. It's making a synchronized, presentation-length clip that creates the difficulty.

You might want to consider dropping the music vs. VO distinction and just have all-purpose audio objects.

Each audio object would need:

  • A specific playback volume (just as VS already provides)
  • A time cue (when should it start playing)

The time cue could be established one of two ways:
  • Audio objects get dropped into the timeline like everything else (then audio playback "overlaps" visual objects that follow until the end of that audio)
  • Each object in the timeline can optionally have an "audio" attribute (playback starts when that object is reached in timeline playback)

The second approach above changes the UI less, and would probably be easier for users to learn and for developers to implement. Either approach gives a nice upgrade path for existing VS content: the VO and music clips just get bound to the first object in the presentation (or to a "hidden" object at exactly 00:00:00).

For anything longer than 2 minutes, preparing a perfectly synced MP3 from start to finish leads to headaches syncing with the visuals. Speech and music have natural rhythms; pictures do not.

The RSA-Animate "scribe" style of presentation was born from a desire to illustrate the spoken word. But it has moved past that, in no small part thanks to VideoScribe. For many of us, the visual content is the driver and the audio is a read-back.

Multiple audio items would also make it much easier for teams to contribute to a single presentation.

This specific feature is make/break for my buying decision.

This is a deal-breaker for me. I love this product and have done a lot with it; but some of the cometitors out there are easier to combine the audio with. So I've let my subscription to VideoScribe lapse until this feature is added. 

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