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Add audio tracks to editing timeline

I love the fact that you can add music and voice over separately with the Beta; however, I would love the capability to manipulate the audio tracks once they're imported or added.  Basically, make the timeline mirror more standard video editing programs (Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Camtasia, After Effects, etc., where there are multiple tracks for video and audio).  Then, add functionality on the audio tracks so you can adjust volume, speed, etc. separately from the scribe features.  Increasingly, I find myself creating the video scribe first, then exporting the video and laying in the audio in a separate editing platform (usually Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects) so I can more easily chop and synch up the VO with the video.  I feel like it would make life WAY easier to have the capability to do it all in Sparkol. 

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it could upgrade your programe and help us to sync easely...

Absolutely, if you find this idea exciting then make sure you like it. When considering future features we always check ideas and feature requests and the ones with the most likes will always be considered.



Sparkol Support Team

All I can say is "Amen, brother!" Giving us the flexibility to add and edit audio tracks on the timeline would be fantastic!

Hit the Like Button at the top as we monitor this and will build in the most popular features

how many likes do you need so i can make some calls :). i think this is an obvious thing to do and you don't need likes to improve syncing sound with video...

Haha, that's good dedication!

There is no magic number that guarantees implementation at this point but we always look at the ideas that have the most liked items and give them careful consideration

"Like" button at the top of what? Woulda; but couldn't find it.

At the bottom of Adam's original post it shows how many likes it has and gives you the option to like it... I'm going to like this now to help out ;)

I liked this post and completely agree.  If I could add 100 likes I would.  This would be a huge addition!

Desperately needed. To me it's the single thing that would get me to use this program a lot more!

Absolutely agreed! I've taken a bit of a hiatus from using this program because the lack of ability to combine the audio conveniently steals too much time from my project development. While some of your competitors don't have the depth and additional features you do, or they are limited in one way or another, they are easier to complete a project with and the shortcomings are more easily worked around.

As long as this feature is not available in Videoscribe now, do you recommend any audio (cutting) software, where I can adjust the audio (the best would be voiceover plus additionally music) to the video in videoscribe???


We have a help page on recording a voiceover where we recommend a free program but there are plenty out there you could use

Please consider this request seriously.

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