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Pen Noises not long enough

I have the pro version, just started the 2.1 beta - the pen noise effects are too short for illustrations lasting 2-4 seconds. Is there a loop option or am I missing something?

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Me too .... be good to be able to loop audio FX if needs be.


it is not currently possible to loop sound effects. But you could add it as an idea and we will consider it for inclusion in a future release.

where can i find the pen noise effect option please?

even if the effect is to short, i would like to test it.

***** We have removed the sound effects feature on the latest release of the Beta version of VideoScribe 2.1. We put a new Beta up on the 7th Jan 2015 so if you downloaded it after that you will not see the sound effects feature *****

In the previous Beta version of VideoScribe 2.1 (Pro users can download this from their online account) you can add sound effects to individual elements by clicking on the sound effect icon . This can be found by opening the properties of that element .

Hi Matthew,

I'm a PRO user and I've downloaded today the Beta Version (25). Although it doesn't include the sound effect icons right?

I understood by your words that another beta includes it? I'd like to try it, where can I download it?


There were too many bugs with the last version of VideoScribe 2.1 Beta and this is why we removed this functionality. It is no longer available for download.

Guys, please can you fix the bugs and put the pen sounds back in.


At the moment there is no plans to do this as we feel the fixes will be too complex and we could achieve more by focusing time elsewhere. We also haven't had too many requests for it's return lately. 

Feel free to raise it as a Feature Request though and if it is popular we can consider re-prioritising it.

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