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Drawing GIF in BETA

I am enjoying the new BETA, great work!  While playing with the new GIF feature, I noticed that it does not have a hand to draw or place it.  It breaks the illusion of the rapid draw when it just appears in place.  I would have thought it would have been "drawn" like a PNG file and then the animation would start.  Am I missing something?

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I'm a beta user, too. My approach to GIF use is this: imagine a hand drawing a face, THEN the eye blinks. Or a hand drawing a car, THEN the wheels turn. In other words - I regard GIFs in the context of Videoscribe as mainly an "extra", and I should add - one of those extras that can really upgrade a production. 



That's a nice way to frame it.  I will think about them in a different way.

Toda raba.

Yes....I too, thought that the gif's would be hand drawn. As Brent and Edo stated, 'drawing' the gifs would be more consistent with the other items (svg, png) that can be hand drawn. Just having the gif image 'pop' in breaks up the flow, if you will. I already had an idea to create a scribe once I installed this Beta version, but now that one cannot 'draw' the gif, I will pass on this feature at the moment.


Just to be clear - I actually did not expect a hand to draw GIFs... GIFs are not vector graphics so I imagine drawing them with a hand would be difficult programmatically, and the result would appear too mechanical. But perhaps users will have expectations for some hand motion regardless? What if the appearance of a GIF was accompanied by an optional, generic, short hand motion such as a finger briefly tapping the point where an animation then appears?


That's a great suggestion.

I can understand why you can't "draw" an animated GIF.  But I'd really like to be able to use the "move in" feature with GIFs, so that the hand drags it into place.  It doesn't seem like that should be too difficult to implement.

Yes - it would be great of we could select one of the existing "pushing in" hands, and attach it to the object, so that it pushed in and the hand withdrew/faded.

This was exactly what my most recent request was....

To hand draw the first frame of the GIF.... Then allow the animation to play forward.

The work around is to take a PNG or JPG image of the first frame. Have that image drawn first, then place the GIF at the same time as you remove the JPG. Definitely time consuming and requires precision work in an application that it is designed for hand drawn work.

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