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Improved "Draw Backwards" for RTL font directionality (RR-839)

In Videoscribe prior to 2.0, we were not able to create text elements with RTL text. We could enter "א", then "ב", but the software's hand would draw the letters starting from the left instead of from the right. The order of input of characters did not affect the direction of typing. 

In the new version, I can type Hebrew text and select "Draw backwards". The hand draws the letters from right to left.

This is a great improvement - from not usable to usable! - but would be ideal for Hebrew speakers if, in a future version, if "Draw backwards" would have an added functionality which would mean RTL **AND** from the first character to the last.

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Likewise useful for Persian and Arabic. Indeed, one thing I want to do is show people how easy it is to learn Persian. Would love to bring the fArsi cheerleader metaphor to life.

سپاس گزارم


It would be great if we can write Urdu or Arabic languages in itself. Currently, I have to create a separate svg to write in Urdu or Arabic. Because if I want to wtite: فاطمہ Videoscribe will write it as: ف ا ط م ہ I would love to see any improvement in this case. Thanks

Hello Everyone, 

We've been working on a major update to text and fonts over recent months and are getting close to supporting RTL Hebrew (and other RTL languages)! 

As this is a significant change and a long standing request we want to be sure we are doing things right. We're looking for a small group of beta testers who are native speakers to put the new version to the test. You will be asked to provide us feedback so we can ensure it works well before we release it formally to the whole community. 

Does this sounds like something you would be interested in? If so, please email telling us why you want be involved and we'll pick a few lucky people from the applicants we receive.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

AWESOME!  You ROCK! Can't wait!!!  OK, I will email.

Hi Edo. I'm doing a large project with Hebrew in Videoscribe. Do you work with this professionally? If so, can you contact me at Thanks!

We've released v3.6 of VideoScribe this morning which has some big changes to fonts and text, including full RTL text support. 

Find out more about what's included and also how to upgrade to this version via the v3.6 release notes.

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