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Japanese fonts

Hello, I can see several Japanese fonts in the available fonts lists, but there is no selection of "Japanese" when I try to import. How does it work?

Also the ads of iPad app says you have Japanese fonts but even I can not find it in the font list.

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I don't think that Chinese and Japanese fonts currently work automatically with videoscribe.

But you can make SVG images using any font of your choice:

Method one: use adobe illustrator (which can be purchased) or inkscape (available for FREE at to type your words and then save them as an SVG. Then import the SVG into videoscribe. This method is simplest but videoscribe will probably draw the characters as outline and then fill them in. The process is explained in this: youtube video

Method two: This method is a little more complicated but it will make Videoscribe "draw" your characters more like the way it draws the default fonts. LINK: "Can I Make Other Fonts Draw Well?"

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you very much Mike for your kind advice.

It is much appreciated.

I am using videoscibe on my iphone. The problem is that, how can I write japanse font?Please suggest me.

You may be able to use the methods described in my previous reply if you have an iphone app that can make SVG images similar to the ones created in illustrator or inkscape.

Other threads such as this one may contain useful information about iphone apps:

Otherwise you may have to create SVGs on a desktop computer or an ipad.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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