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Lines get thicker when drawing is done


Several others have posted questions on this topic before, but the answers don't seem to help me. I've created drawings in Illustrator 5.5 with a line thickness of 1 px and on an 1500x1500 px artboard. All paths and nothing grouped. I save the SVG as shown in the attached file. When I import it to Videoscribe, the images are drawn with a thin line which as soon as the drawing is done gets a bit thicker. This looks kind of awful, and I don't know how to get the lines in the drawings to be of consistent thicknes throughout the animation. Please, help me to understand how to get rid of the shift in line thickness.


svg.png svg.png
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Sure. I've attached testoriginal.svg that evokes the line thickening behaviour and testoriginal kopie.svg that does not.



Thank you for attaching your images.

 testoriginal.svg appears to be more extreme than the usual line thickening that I am familiar with.

However, your testoriginal kopie.svg  looks GREAT when saved to a video. Thank you for posting your results!

-Mike (videoscribe user)

If your Inkscape doesn't have a section 'Scale' (it should be right under 'Custom size'), as an alternative edit the svg file itself in a text editor. Remove the viewBox attribute from the svg element (the root element of the file). This works equally well.

Thanks for your insights Joop.

The 'Scale' option is new in version 0.92 of Inkscape so it will appear if you upgrade Inkscape.

When I open those files in Illustrator, the two drawings are very different in size. So it might also have to do with the size or line thickness of the drawing, not only viewbox. 

Did someone found a solution already using Adobe Illustrator? thanks

If you are referring to the 2 test SVGs that Joop Ringelberg posted, I think it is to do with the size of the artboards and the width of the strokes.

The one that looks small in Illustrator (original) has artboard dimensions of 114.29 by 107.69 pixels and the stroke width is 0.794 pixels. This one has a bad thickening issue.

The larger one (kopie) has artboard dimensions of 800 by 800 pixels and the stroke width is 0.794 pixels. This one doesn't have a bad thickening issue.

The strokes on the 'kopie' image look much thicker in Illustrator than they do in VideoScribe - both images seem to have the same stroke width in VideoScribe and import at roughly the same size.

I would say that keeping the artboard around 800 x 800 pixels and making sure the stroke width is greater than 1 pixel should help to eliminate the thickening.

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