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Getting voiceover on multiple scribes I want to put together.

I am making multiple scribes, it will probably be 3-4 of them altogether, which will end up as one whole film.

And with the film, I need to get a professional voiceover person to read the script.

So my important question is this:

How do you get the timings right within the scribe for voiceover and the presentation?

Do I give the guy my login info and make him edit the stuff while recording? Anyone have experience on this? Thanks.

And do you record all the scribes with voiceover separately, and put them together afterwords (after voiceover) when they are complete? 


The recommended method is to record the voiceover first, import it into videoscribe and then create and edit your scribe to match the timing of the voiceover.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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