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Repair the Clunky Drag'n'Drop Paradigm

It appears that in order to drag an element from one place on the canvas to another, you have adopted a variation of the expected Drag'N'Drop (DND) behavior.  Here's what happens:

1. I click and drag an element from one place to another.

2. I release the mouse button and then move the mouse to a new location.

3. The element I was dragging "sticks" to the mouse and moves with the mouse to the new location!!!

4. In order to actually drop the element where I want it, I actually have to click the mouse button again.

This is just plain wrong!  You are creating a different mechanism for DND that is NOT STANDARD!  This is very frustrating because I will have to remember two different behaviors for the same action--and there is only one program on the entire planet, Sparkol VideoScribe, that happens to make use of one of those behaviors.

Please fix this behavior so that it operates the way 99.9999999% of all other programs operate.

Thank you.

Hi David, thanks for your thoughts and explanation.

We are currently looking at how the timeline functions and will be implementing improvements in version 2.1.

So I have version 2.3.7 and am experiencing the above problem.  I will rotate an image and then when I release, it keeps rotating.  I can click elsewhere, open up a different item to edit, and that image will keep rotating.  The only way I can get forward is closing out the window and starting over again.  But the behavior often repeats itself.

It does this with rotating and expanding the size of an element.

Hi Daniel,

There is still an issue with the Mac version of VideoScribe where functionality can be lost after using Ctrl+click. If you close and re-open VideoScribe and avoid using Ctrl+click you will not experience this issue. Ctrl+click is used to bring up the right click menu and the workaround for now is to set up your mouse or trackpad to right click.

All other keyboard shortcuts use CMD on Macs.

I got this sticky-mouse problem even if I don't Ctrl-click. It's a replicable problem (not a one-time or two-time thing).

Hi Daniel,

Please let me know the replication steps.

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