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Need to import video (multiple testimonials) into my scribe

Hey. Already posted this on twitter, and you said I need to use a video editing software to do this.

How do you recommend I do this?

Im thinking the smart way to go about it is to finish the whole scribe (voiceover and everything) and then cut the video to put in the testimonials.

Hi Cody,

As a Pro user you can publish a Video as a JPEG or PNG sequence which you can import into software such as Final cut or Adobe Premier.

You can import them into other Free software such as Windows Movie Maker or Lightworks Free version.

You can normally import other formats such as .Mov into editing tools (not so much .FLV) and edit the video this way also.

As with any third party software which is free be sure of what you are installing as many come with additional extras you may not want.

I would recommend that you perform a custom installation when you are asked as you will be able to select the specific features and programs you want.

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