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Change the position of elements in a video

Dear VideoScribe helpers,


How is it possible to move/to change easily the position of the added elements of one video?


I already tried with the finger on the mouse to scroll/to drag each element and it works but it keeps messing aroung all the order/exact place I want to have and tried to fix earlier...!


Thank you for your help


Salma Ben Yaghlane

Hi Salma,

Other ways you can move elements in the time line are either to right click on an element and chose one of the four 'Move' options, or to select the elements you want to move, press ctrl+X, find the element in your timeline that comes just before the point that you want these elements and click on it, then press ctrl+V.

If your timeline is behaving strangely consistently try saving your scribe and then restarting VideoScribe. If this does not resolve the problem for you, please raise a support ticket and we can help you further with this.

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