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Audio Loop Delay & Extend Length of Music Tracks

Hi there,

When using one of your built-in music tracks and a scribe that lats longer than the music; you naturally set the music to 'loop'.

However, there are several seconds of delay, before the music starts to play for the second time.

This delay in the loop brakes the viewers attention and is very annoying.

It would be nice if you could do one of the following:

1. Set the time delay between the music track stopping and starting again (e.g. 0 = no delay, 5 = 5 seconds delay);

2. Add an additional music track (yes, I know you can have a voiceover as well), and provide a delay at the start of the second track. In this way, you could add you music, not use the loop feature; and then add in the second music track (which could be identical to the first) to start a bit before the first track ended;

3. Provide some kind of editor and mixer for the audio tracks, so that you could add in the stock music tracks provided within VideoScribe and mix them together;

4. Or at least provide some way of extending the length of a track other than the loop option.

I know that videoScribe is mostly for whiteboard animations, but the inability to export the music tracks and the delay between looping means it's restricting which tracks you can use.

That's a shame, as all we need is a bit finer control over the loop function and/or maybe a way to mix a couple of chanels for the music plus the voice-over channel.

Thanks in advance,



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(be sure to note that there will only be a pause if the music track contains a pause at the beginning or end.) Some music tracks loop seamlessly)

check out the list of free music resources in this blog:

Source music online – free to use on Youtube for personal use with a subscription fee for businesses and organisations – free to use provided you give credit to the artist – free to use provided you credit Dan-O at – sign up and gain access to over 150 Moby tracks free, provided your project is independent and not-for-profit – tracks available for royalty-free use, provided that the composer and the URL of the site are included in the credits of your production – pay for tracks individually or in bulk, then use them many times as you like – classical recordings, sheet music and textbooks provided for free, without copyright restrictions – wide selection of sound effects, sign-up required but free to download

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi there,

Thanks for the reply... you know, I hadn't considered that the music would have a pause at the end! My bad...

Wouldn't it be better to simply ensure that all the in-built tracks loop seamlessly?????

Anyway, thanks again and please close this ticket.




Hello Sparkol Crew,

I create videos that last anywhere between 6 & 10 minutes and I agree with Gareth that the music gap in the loop does break the viewers attention and the message you are trying to convey loses it's momentum somewhat.  I cannot download any of your tracks so I can modify myself (and ensure there is no music gap when looped).

Therefore, I refresh Gareth's suggestion that all tracks loop seamlessly 'or' at least have a number of tracks that do this.  Implementing this idea would cater for Sparkol customers like myself, that create longer videos.

I look forward to your positive response.



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