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Output size

Hello,  I want to place a background image and when it plays back in a video file have no white borders.  Is it possible to set the screen/output size to 1024x768?



I believe videoscribe only exports videos with a ratio of 16:9 so you cannot choose an output size of 1024x768.

Furthermore videoscribe version 2 only provides a limited number of video output sizes.

You could either make your background image a ration of 16:9 or you could render the video and then use a third party video editing program to crop the video to the size you want.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike

You're welcome. Sorry that it was sort of bad news.

Just two other notes:

1) In videoscribe version 1.3.26 you can manually set more video sizes than in version 2 (however they still have to be a 16:9 ratio).

2) In videoscribe version 1.3.26 the settings menu shows you both the height and the width of the video whereas videoscribe version2 (frustratingly) only shows you the height.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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