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Grid and ruler

 Please can you instal a grid paper as it will make so much easier. I need to have this to line up images and text, but also to line up these when they are or should be in the same place on another page.

Please and thank you :)

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Hi Derek,

This is a new feature we are looking to implement in version 2.1.

Thanks for your request.

On the same subject, still newbie doing a trial:  a question about an invisible grid. I tested positioning my objects exactly on fake « slides » on your whiteboard. I imported a grid, placed it on my first screen, set it to 0 draw time, aligned the objects then made the grid invisible. When I play, it shows on the videoscribe. I tried solutions like making it move-in instead of draw. Tried a few times, does it every time.  After playing, it is automatically made to show again. Anything to correct this or the idea is preposterous ? I thought clicking the little eye would make objects really invisible, for good.
I know the solution would be to: use the grid, remove it, use it again, etc. But... although there is a ton of wonderful features in your software, the operations for making the "presentation" are quite slow. Placing objects, arranging them, setting camera -- and above all finding ways to correct things and understand them afterwards (like when I will have to work in team) -- it  takes so much time that I imagine it would be quicker to simply film myself drawing at a real whiteboard :))
Thanks for the great idea anyhow


The hide function will not hide the item from your preview or published video, it just hides it on the canvas while you are working. It's designed to help those who want to layer their scribes up and place new images ontop of older images. It means you can hide the later items to work on solely the earlier elements. Everything you place on the canvas will be shown in the video hence why when you preview all the hidden items will reappear.  

You'll be pleased to know that a grid option will be available sooner rather than later though. It's one of the incremental improvements that the development team are actively working on at the moment and will be included in one of the next couple of releases.

Hi Taty

Have you tried using the rulers and guidelines in VideoScribe?

Rulers and guidelines are available in VideoScribe 2.1.1

Drag the ruler down or across to create guidelines for a more precise placement of your text and image elements.


Please note that the images do not 'snap to' the lines.

To remove the rulers, simply save the scribe and exit to the projects screen. When you reload the scribe the rulers will have been removed.

Rulers are not visible in rendered scribes even if they are still on the canvas when you render.

thanks for a quick reply
I am afraid rulers will not help me here
1. I want objects to follow a precise alignment i.e. the same on each screen (even if I will zoom in and out) during the story. MOvements of the story will be numerous enough, I want the reader's eye to rest a little by finding the same blocks on each page
Rulers seem to work on the whole board, which is logical but I think it will not be useful for this use I want
I checked as a trial
2. If they disappear from day to day, it will be cumbersome to set them again
hence my idea of a grid
solution: I will place it, remove, repeatedly


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