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Creating my own SVG's with color

I've been having the most awful time trying to create an SVG file in Illustrator so that the scribe is drawn properly. 

I want the outline drawn first, and then the color drawn in. I have been unable to find a tutorial online showing exactly how to do it. When I do it, the outline drawn in includes bleeds from the color that will follow. See attached video.

Please help!
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If you use the pencil or pen tool (instead of the paintbrush) for the black outlines and then only use the invisible strokes to reveal the other colors it will work in the right order.

The main drawback is that the pencil and pen tool make stroked paths that do not taper at the ends.

You may be able to figure out different ways to make the drawing work the way you want but they will probably require more effort.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


What if I want the hand to draw my letters with the fill? Can't figure out how to create an svg out of text in Illustrator that will accomplish this.

1) type your text,
2) convert text to outlines which will make it a filled path
3) if you want a stroke around the border of the letters, apply a stroke
4) use transparent strokes over it to reveal the resulting filled paths.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi to anyone who might be dealing with the color bleed problem.

This was driving me nuts, so here's the workaround I found:

understanding that "stroke" is in this case a mask, 

1. draw black stroke layer at 2 pt stroke.

2. duplicate it put it on top

3. reduce stroke (mask) in the top layer to 1 pt

4. convert bottom strokes to fills (object>path>outline strokes)

all together you get 4 layers:

top - color reveal strokes zero opacity

second - thinner strokes set to zero opacity

3rd - black strokes 

4th - color fills

I've attached my sample, 



test4.svg test4.svg
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