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Morphing problem, again


I have to morph an SVG representing buildings, to increase their size a little bit.

When I import the raw SVG, no problem, the morphing is OK, 

see here :

But when I draw my invisible line above in Illustrator to make the buildings draw correctly by Videoscribe, it's a mess ! The big invisible line appears during morphing !!!!

That's really annoying, as usual, it takes lots lots of time and tricks to achieve very simple things in all my scribes, and I very often have to abandon very simple ideas. I start to be discouraged.

The solution I see is to hide the buildings with a white shape after they're drawn, import again the same SVG but without the drawing line, and morph it to another occurence of this SVG. What a mess ! But is there anything better ?

Thanks for your help.


Unfortunately, by definition, only stroked paths are visible during a videoscribe morph animation, all fills and embedded images disappear. (in your image, it sounds like the only stroked paths are the transparent lines drawn over the embedded image so they will be the only part visible during the morph.)

If you want to use morph on an element, you should draw your element using only black stroked paths and no fills or embedded images.

Or, if the buildings are the only thing on the screen, zoom in instead of morphing.

When version 2.1 is released you may be able to use an animate gif instead but then you will need to learn how to make animate gifs.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike, 

I know how to do Gifs, I use the great to do that. 

Do you think one day we'll be able to simply morph all type of vectors and get a correct result in Videoscribe ? :)

I suspect they will work on ways to improve the morphing to include color fills. However I don't know how the system is currently programmed and what seems like a subtle change might require completely reprogramming that feature in a different way to make it work.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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