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Ipad App

I am not able to upload a music or voice over on my iPad app, I have tried a dropbox link to my MP3 file but it does not seem to recognise any hosting URL link.


Are you getting an error message? Be sure to provide it here.

Does the file name of your mp3 contain ANY capital letters?

If your mp3 filename/extension is uppercase ( IE: filename.MP3) you may need to change it to lowercase (filename.mp3) , unless that bug has been fixed in the newer versions of videoscribe.

in dropbox make sure the mp3 file is marked as "public" just in case that makes a difference.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks mike, it seems that the iPad app just doesn't recognise any of the mp3 url hosting sites e.g.

I have uploaded my mp3 to picosong

and dropbox.  Neither work

still wondering:

Are you getting an error message? Be sure to provide it here.

Does the file name of your mp3 contain ANY capital letters?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


No error message at all, it just doesn't seem to recognise the upload.  there are no capital letters in the url

Thanks for the info,

(you still did not answer my question BTW. even if there are no capital letters in the URL, you'll still have a problem if there are capital letters in the FILE NAME of the MP3.)

From a previous thread:
can you try importing the mp3 from this URL (created by customer support):

If the above mp3 works for you that may help narrow down the problem.

Also, have you checked to see how much unused memory you have?

-Mike(videoscribe user)


Mike thanks for the prompt reply. Your test url works fine, which leads me to believe that perhaps it's the url host not being compatible. Can you suggest a host that through your experience works with the app? Thanks again very helpful Matt
Hi Matt,

Unfortunately I don't own an ipad, but I believe any URL that is accessible to the public should work the same. If the mp3 was in a publicly shared folder on dropbox and it still did not work, my next guess is that there may be an encoding setting in your MP3 that prevents it from working in videoscribe. It could be something as simple as a low bitrate or a mono file saved in stereo format.

Could you attach one of the MP3s that won't work, to your next reply here?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


One file hosting site that does work with VideoScribe is Media Fire- I've attached a video detailing how to import a MP3 file from media fire into VideoScribe.

good afternoon Does the videoscribe on the iPad different on the desktop?

They are two separate applications. The iPad app, VideoScribe Anywhere, is a much more simplistic version of VideoScribe, and doesn't include all the same features. 

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