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Ken Burns Effect

Is it possible to do the Ken Burns Effect in VideoScribe? So I want to put a picture or a drawing onto the canvas then it remains stationary while the camera moves around over top of it.
I also want to be able to zoom in and out of the photograph in order to put emphasis on certain parts. I also want to be able to pause and hover over an area so that narration can happen.


I'm not familiar with the Ken Burns effect, but I think that the following thread may answer your question:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


This is partially it but not really. I want to be able to go to part of an image, stop the camera for X amount of time, then slowly move the camera to another part of the image, stop there for X amount of time, etc. The solution posted does part of that but not all of it.


Hi Kevin,

Mike has posted a link that shows what you can currently do in VideoScribe.

It would be great if you have a feature you would like to see in VideoScribe

to add it to the Ideas and Feature Requests page.

This was the community can vote on it and the popular features get considered for a future version.

Hi Kevin,
The information I posted can do exactly what you described.
(assuming you mean something similar to this): 

(go to one camera position, stay there for an amount of time that you specify, move to another location at a speed you specify, stay at that location for an amount of time you specify...and so on.)

The draw time of the dummy element plus the number of pauses, will determine how long the camera remains at the new location before moving again.

The transition time you set on each element will determine how fast the camera moves to the next camera position/element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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