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Can't import svg from DropBox

My Windows desktop app is missing the dropbox icon in the SVG import windows, I can't import SVG from DropBox 

I think dropbox is only provided on phone and tablet versions because those devices don't have hard drives.

Looking at the tutorial PDFs for V2 I don't see dropbox mentioned for desktop computers.

I'd recommend downloading the images to your local drive and importing them into videoscribe from there, or sharing them on dropbox in a way that they can be imported using a direct web link.

-Mike (vidoescribe user)


Hi Michael, 

Mike is correct that there is no longer a Dropbox import option.

VideoScribe 2 Desktop uses the native file browser for computers so

you can install the Dropbox desktop application which will enable the Dropbox folder

onto your computer and browse the files that way.

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