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Posting Scribes to Vine

Has anyone managed to post a scribe to Vine or Instagram? I did see that Matt mentions in this in his June Blog post 'How many of these 12 prominent video-sharing places have you tried?' However, there isn't any information on how to achieve this. Happy to use third-party tools if that is what it takes, but anyone can provide any info I would be extremely grateful.

Best - Mark

Hi Mark,

A mistake was made by me when I wrote that post - I did not research thoroughly enough and it appears that you are not able to import scribes into Vine.

I have edited the post.

You can share videos to Instagram you've previously recorded on your iPhone or Android phone:

Tap  at the bottom of the app.Tap  to switch from camera to video.Tap the box in the bottom right to go to your phone's video album.Pick the video you want to upload. On iPhone, tap Next at the top.Choose which 15 seconds of the video you want to share by placing your finger on the video strip at the bottom and sliding left to choose where the clip starts playing.Drag the blue slider above the video strip to choose where the clip ends.Tap Add on iPhone or the arrow on Android at the top.

In order to get a scribe video to your Instagram account you would need to render your video and save it to your phone. You may need to change the encoding as well.

I'm not vine savvy so keep that in mind when reading my post.

In addition to what Matthew explained, I THINK I read that vine has recently changed their service to allow video import. The following page may be helpful: importing videos into vine

Also, I think there may be some apps that will take video and convert them for upload to vine. They are probably not officially supported by vine or by videoscribe but they might be worth looking into. For example (I do not know anything about this app besides what I have read at the link): video editor for vine (app for iphone/ipad)

not sure what video formats are supported.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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