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Filling in Callouts vs outlines

I need to find which callouts are not outlines but rather are solid.

A white callout on top of a white background looks solid in your library but on my blue background it is obviously an outline.

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I Danielle, I believe most of the call outs are solid apart from the first 4 in the library.

A quick and easy way to check is to set a different background colour and add the callout.

Most are not solid and it is very time consuming to click to add then click to change image, scroll back to page N, select another image to see if it is solid, rinse and repeat.
You suggestion is what I was doing but it is not quick and although clicking is easy there are a lot of clicks to go back and forth to find a solid callout.
Anyway, just a suggestion, if others experience this you may want to consider an enhancement. maybe a way to sort the images in a category?  In the meantime, I'll be sure to use the ones I've already confirmed are solid and are in my recent history.


Yeah I agree Danielle...

... Joe, it is not a quick and easy way to check... 

how about you make a property of the image and simplify user experience?

It is a pain to move around the tool and look for things, and click 1000 times... 

and the pagination for the images.. the computer screen is 4 times bigger, why don't you make the image finder much, much bigger instead of having 44 pages to search... I have a blister in my finger from clicking the mouse.

Which callouts are solid?  I spent 20 mins clicking looking for a solid callout... no luck yet.. 

Man! the user experience of this tool really sucks... the tool is a good idea, but the UX.. no way!

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