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Pop up effect

I'm sure it has already been suggested, but a great feature would be another way than "move in" for elements to appear on the canvas, such as a pop up effect. 

Hi Page,

Generally you can make images appear or 'Pop' into VideoScribe by removing the Animate time, Pauses and Transitions.

I have added an example scribe file you can import. Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?

POP.scribe POP.scribe
41.5 KB

Hi, thanks again for your answers, Joe. :)

No, I'm really talking about a new pop-up effect feature. 

I use this 0 second appear effect in all my scribes, for lack of anything better.

Here is an exemple made with keynote :

The first one is pop up effect, but the two others are cool too. ;)

Other cool new features (I'll make new posts for that) :

- ability to copy paste directly from illustrator

-ability to delete an element on the canvas using the backspace key.

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